Our Process: The Flapjack Formula

Video content this good has never been more straightforward. We apply a four-step approach to all of our productions, regardless of size or budget. By dividing the process into stages, event the biggest project becomes manageable.

01. Planning

After our initial discovery meeting and costs have been agreed, we begin the planning and pre-production stage. This includes things like writing scripts, booking filming locations and crew, hiring talent, creating a shot list and storyboard. By investing plenty of time in the preparation stage, errors and mistakes are mitigated in the production stage.

Video Process Planning
Video Process Filming

02. Production

The fun part! Filming, capturing interviews, shooting b-roll, flying the drone, hanging out of camera cars or simply recording a voiceover – this is the part where the project really comes to life. Depending on your project, we may have a one-person crew with a camera, tripod and some lights… or we might have a full team of people all looking after their own part of the production (camera, sound, light, hair and makeup for example).

03. Post Production

When filming is wrapped and ‘in the can’, we head back to the office and begin pulling all of the pieces of the jigsaw together. On a typical project we’ll aim to have a draft ‘version one’ over to you within two weeks of the last production day (you will given a turnaround estimate at the start of your project). As long as everything has been filmed and edited in line with the pre-production paperwork, we anticipate one round of amends to take us to the ‘final version’.

Video Process Editing
Video Process Reach

04. Reach

This is the part where most other production companies hand over the finished video files and leave you to it. For us, this is the exciting part where the hard work really comes together. If you don’t have a YouTube channel already, we’ll set one up for you completely free of charge. If you’re not sure which times of which days are best for engagement on Facebook, we’ll guide you towards scheduling an appropriate publishing time to ensure the best results. We can even advise on building custom audiences so your content is seen by the right people for your goals and objectives.

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