Product video production

Why create product videos

“Confused people say no” – helping your customers to understand exactly what you do is one of the easiest routes to help them make the right purchasing decision.

If you ever feel that you’re having a tough time explaining the benefits and features of your product, video might just hold the answer you’ve been searching for. Product video content takes many forms such as animated explainer film, a how-to tutorial or a Kickstarter style promotional video.


How we create product videos

As part of our discovery meeting we’ll discuss the main challenges you’ve faced so far, as well as identifying goals you’d like to achieve as a result of using product videos. We work with you to determine the best options available to most effectively achieve your goals whilst working within budget and to a specific time-frame.

Different types of product videos

Product overviews are a fantastic way to highlight key benefits and features, especially for technical or complicated products. A mixture of original in-camera footage with animated graphic overlays helps to identify how your product will help your customers.

Promo videos are designed to capture the overall experience of owning and using your product. Demonstrating your product in use with your target demographic is a great way to provide context and help customers identify whether it’s the right option for them.

How-to videos are potentially the best way to provide your customers with value before they purchase. If they considering buying, showing them exactly how to use your product is a powerful way to demonstrate that your product will meet their needs and solve their problem. A how-to video will help to make sure they’re getting the best out of your product post-sale, and also help to build brand satisfaction.

See your company grow using video!


Client Feedback

“We wanted to make a big impact at the Pride of Volvo event in January 2017. Flapjack Films helped us to win first place for ‘Best Dealership Video’ (as chosen by Director of Volvo UK John Wakefield) but also to helped bring in more customers, both old and new, after sharing the amazing video they created.”

Sales team, Ray Chapman Volvo